Raspberry Pi

This page explain how to install MPD-Box on a Raspberry Pi.

Required hardware :

  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD Card (8go min)
  • USB Adapter for power supply
  • Ethernet cable (USB wifi card also works)
  • NFC explorer board
  • Some NFC chip (one included with NFC explorer, your credit card works too)

Operating System

Any linux distribution is good. We recommand to visit raspbian official website and download the latest version.

Copy it on your SD card, then plug it on your raspberry. Turn it on, and you should have a debian runnning :)

Activate NFC explorer board

To be able to use the NFC reader, you have to activate the SPI connector.

Open a terminal and write :

$> sudo raspi-config

The option to activate SPI can be found as follows: Advanced Options > SPI > <Yes>.

Now reboot your Raspberry Pi by typing the following command: sudo reboot

Install MPD-Box

Follow the instruction from the installation section. You should then be able to use it now.

Activate raspberry_explorer_board reader

Follow instruction from the Raspberry Explorer Board Reader.