MPD-Box use python ConfigParser module to store and read app config file.

Default configuration is saved in mpd_box/config.default.cfg but is override by ~/.mpd-box.cfg or /etc/mpd-box.cfg

You can read default config file to learn about MPD-Box, but main properties are the followong :

# List of readers to activate
mpd_box.readers =

# Port to access MPD-Box services
port = 6543

# Redefine port to access MPD
# default : 6600
port = 6600

# Redefine port to access Redis
# default : 6379
port = 6379


If run as administrator, ~ is relative to root user, probably /root. MPD-Box will first try to access local user config file and only if could not find it will try /etc/mpd-box.cfg